Unified Communication System

Next Generation Project Description

A campus-wide Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system will enable sophisticated communication methods for all employees, including video phones for all campus employees. Calls can be sent automatically to user devices like a laptop, tablet computer and/or smart phone.

For more details, view Cisco Unified Communications Devices.

Project Status

August 2013 Tech Briefing

The deployment of Cisco Unified Communications VoIP voice and video phones has been completed for users in the Music Building, with the Faculty Office Building, Hugh Gillis Hall and Student Union expansion planned next. See below for a full schedule of building sequencing through the end of calendar year 2013, along with more details on deployment coordination.

June 2013 Tech Briefing

Deployment schedule is set as follows:

Summer 2013:
Selected for ease of changes
(firewalls, size, etc.)

  • Music
  • Moss Landing Marine Labs (MLML)
  • HR/UPD Building
  • Faculty Office Building
  • Central Classroom Building
  • Hugh Gillis HallWashington Square
  • Student Union Expansion
  • Mod F
  • 210 N 4th Street

Fall 2013:
Moderate change complexity
(firewalls, size, etc.)

  • Art
  • Dudley Moorehead
  • Dwight Bentel Hall
  • IRC
  • Industrial Studies
  • Morris Dailey
  • South Campus
  • Sweeney Hall
  • Reid Hillview
  • Corp Yard/Central Plant

Winter/Spring 2014:
Significant complexity
(firewalls, size, UCCE, etc.)

  • Administration Building
  • Business Center/Business Tower
  • Clark
  • Duncan Hall
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • MacQuarrie Hall
  • Science
  • Student Services Center
  • Martin Luther King Library

Completion TBD:

  • Housing
  • Classrooms
  • Analog devices (FAX, alarms, etc.)
  • Construction Buildings
  • Spartan Complex
  • Yoshihiro Uchida Hall
  • New Student Health
  • Student Union – Phase 2

February 2013 Tech Briefing

The Unified Communications project is an integration of communications services, combining messaging, telephony, video and associated services in a Voice Over IP (VOIP) platform. It is not a single product, but rather a set of products that provides a consistent, unified user interface and experience across multiple devices.

Unified Communications will allow you more ways to communicate and stay in touch, with features such as Jabber and Reach Me Anywhere. Jabber enables you to make and receive phone calls using your computer. Reach Me Anywhere lets you answer a call to your desk phone on your cell phone.

SJSU has selected Cisco Systems as the Unified Communications vendor. You will see Cisco technology installed over the next several months.

We will provide training via workshops and tutorials and continue to add training media to our website for the various Unified Communications products. We will soon publish more articles on the various features and applications that are available through this project. 

For more details, read the February 2013 Administration and Finance Division Newsletter.

December 2012 Tech Briefing

During December, IT Services will provide hands-on training, video instruction and documentation of the new Cisco VoIP Phone System (aka Unified Communications Systems) to the initial departments where phones are being deployed.

October 2012 Tech Briefing

The phone system pilot program is scheduled to start in December. Department schedules will be identified in November.