Campus Next Generation Network

Next Generation Project Description

Changes to the campus network technology will allow for end-to-end centralized management of all networking resources.

Once installed, these network improvements will allow for easier network management, reducing effort and time to make user requested changes, improved network security and increased agility in effecting change to meet campus requirements.

Project Status

May 2013 Tech Briefing

With the improvements to the campus core network, new network paths from University Housing were implemented to increase network throughput from 100mbps to 1gb to the Internet. These paths are isolated from the other campus building network so this increased network utilization has no impact on other network traffic.

The next step was to increase the network throughput allowed to each resident room which was previously limited to 768kbps. This limit was incrementally increased to a limit of 2mbps where a performance limitation in the building firewall capacity was reached. Student residents now have nearly 3 times improved network speed compared to earlier this semester.

Future changes for the University Housing Network, planned for Summer 2013, include:

  • Increase network paths to allow for 10gbps performance
  • Replace housing firewalls with core network firewalls
  • Increase room network limits to 5mbps

December 2012 Tech Briefing

As part of the Next Gen Technology Project, a few changes will be made during the winter break, including:

  • Upgrades to network switching equipment in University Housing. Nearly all of these changes will occur in the background and most users will not notice a disruption in data flow.
  • Replacing the campus border firewalls that protect our network from internet attacks with next generation Cisco equipment.

October 2012 Tech Briefing

In October, the combined efforts of IT Services staff and engineers from Intervision, Nexus IS and Cisco implemented the base UCS computing system connected to NetApp storage at our Delta College Data Center.

Additionally, the secure network tunnel between the SJSU network and the Delta College network was established.

The Nexus IS Teams are finalizing details on the installation of additional equipment at the Computer Center and MacQuarie Hall equipment rooms along with our Delta College Data Center.

Over the next 3 to 4 weeks, over 25 servers/systems will be installed requiring support from our team to implement network definitions, server configurations, monitoring processes, application configuration and system interfaces. Most of these systems are new and not changing production services. The details of the changes will be provided as soon as available and the installations will be planned accordingly.