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Personal Use of State-Provided Telephones

State Telecommunications Management Manual, Chapter 0203.0, admonishes that State telephones are provided for the conduct of State business and should not incur costs associated with personal use.  For purposes of this admonishment, long distance, in additional to its usual meaning, includes all calls involving one or more message units.  All calls from this campus are, in fact, Zone Usage Measurement (ZUM) calls and the university is charged for each call.  Personal use of State telephones is allowed under the following prohibitions and considerations.


  • Personal long distance calls will not be made from State telephones unless arrangements are made with the long distance operator to have the call billed to the caller's long distance carrier or to place the call collect at the time the call is placed.  For the purposes of this policy, long distance calls refers to any call with ZUM charges.
  • Personal calls should not interfere with the conduct of State business.
  • The frequency and duration of personal calls should be kept at a minimum in order to reduce telephone charges and lost personnel time (productivity).


  • Most personal calls (with the exception of emergency calls) should be made during break or lunch time.
  • The Network and Telecommunications department provides every university department with extension call detail reports identifying all toll, local and long distance calls made from each of its department telephones.  These reports are issued monthly and should be reviewed to identify possible violations.
  • Employees found in violation of personal telephone use policies are subject to disciplinary action.