Email Best Practices


This document provides guidelines and best practices when using email and suggests how email can be used most effectively at San José State.

Best Practices for Sending Email

Includes information about Mail Security, Antivirus Protection, Unsolicited Commercial Email (Spam), Mail Headers, Creating HTML files, URLs in Mail Messages, Addresses and Mailing Lists, Correct Email Address Format and Mailing to Very Large Groups.

Best Practices for Email Attachments

Includes information about Size of Messages and Attachments, Format of Attachments and Dangerous Attachments.

Best Practices for Administering Mailboxes

Includes information about read and Label Email, Mailbox Size, Spam Email, When you're away and Having someone else read your mail.


  1. When sending email:
    • Send messages only to relevant people
    • Be brief
    • Put larger amounts of information on the Web and mail the URL
  2. When administering your mailbox:
    • Read mail frequently
    • Reply to mail promptly
    • After taking any action needed, either file the message in label or delete the message
    • Do not include attachments in responses unless necessary
    • Don't reply to junk mail, report Spam or click the Report as Phishing Attempt link so that the email system will recognize these junk messages. (View About Phishing)