OU Campus Website Launch Request

Site Launch Checklist for OU Campus Websites

Please follow the following steps before submitting your website for launch. Failure to follow any of these steps can delay the evaluation and launch of your site.

  • Fix any accessibility-related issues. The most common are:
    • Missing or incorrect image descriptions
    • Non-meaningful link text
    • Incorrect use of headings
  • Check in all checked-out pages. Go to Reports -> Checked Out Content. All of your checked-out pages will be listed. Click the light bulb icon to check them in.
  • Remove any unwanted content (test pages, etc.)
  • Check your site index (there is a link to it in the right column of your Home Page).
    • Make sure there are no pages without titles (they would appear as blank rows at the top of the site index page)
    • Make sure there are no pages listed that you don't intend to be live
    • Make sure the titles shown in the site index are meaningful and unique (no duplicates)