Telephone and Network Service Request Form



This form is for San José State employees only. Complete all requested information for the Requester, End-User and Approver. Then select from the list of services and complete other sections, as appropriate. Note: Before you begin, make sure you have any relevant Jack, Port and/or VLAN numbers ready.

Requester (Required)

End-User (Required)

Approval (Required)

Enter the name and email address of your Dean/Chair/Manager. Note: We will contact this person for approval via email before service is provided.

Service Request (Required)

Type of Service(s) Requested:

Select as many services as desired, and then complete the appropriate section(s) below, as indicated. Submit a separate form for each user.

Section A (Optional)

Request New Telephone and Voicemail Service:

Telephone Set Type:

Calling Capabilities:

Section B (Optional)

Would you like us to update the online SJSU Directory with the information listed on this form?

Note: If yes, please provide details in the Comments area below.

Section C (Optional)

Add, Delete or Reset Voicemail

Section D (Optional)

Move or Change Existing Telephone

Note: Jack numbers and Port numbers can be found on the box that the phone plugs into.

Section E (Optional)

Add or Move Network/Data/Internet Service

Note: Port numbers can be found on the box that the computer cable plugs into. Ask your desktop support person for your VLAN number.

This field is required. If no comments, type "None."