Facts About the Expo

“Attending the Information Technology Expo was a good use of my time. I learned about campus resources that I was unaware of beforehand and I identified a potentially valuable technological resource to support my department.”

Michael L. Kimbarow

Vice Chair,
Academic Senate

Professor and Chair,
Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Lurie College of Education

A visual listing of various tech services available on campus

Graphic courtesy of Academic Technology

The event showcased technology solutions to help key constituents in the SJSU community be more productive in their areas. There was something for everyone in the Expo!

  • Faculty were able to get information on enhancing the teaching environment.
  • Staff got information on collaborative technologies that would help them be more productive in their work.
  • Students learned about collaboration technologies that will help them manage their learning better.

Expo Data

Metric Number
Booths staffed 15
Monitors used 21
Virtual Desktops deployed 23
Staff worked 50
Presentations given 8
Total attendance 525