Information Technology Strategic Plan

Our goal is to be known as innovation leaders in using technology to enhance learning and the educational process, in support of student success. We have aligned our strategic plan with the Four Pillars of Student Success and the Campus Strategic Plan: Vision 2017, which was developed collaboratively in a series of 49 town hall meetings with the university community.

We believe that technology enriches the educational process. It transcends geographical and cultural boundaries to provide greater learning and teamwork experiences. We are committed to providing technologies, services and resources that support an innovative, engaged learning community and enhance student success at SJSU.


Enable Student Success & San Jose State Innovation Across Campus


Support SJSU's Four Pillars of Student Success & SJSU's Strategic Plan through innovative use of technologies and solutions for faculty, students and staff

IT Strategies

Enabling Student Success Lifecycle Management

Key IT Programs

  • MyGPS (My Graduation Pathway to Success)
  • Centralized & Secure Student Information
  • Analytics for Advising & Course Scheduling

Business Outcomes / Success Metrics

  • MyGPS application suite deployed on time and under budget and used by 10,000+ students
  • Student data warehouse as "Single Source of Truth for Information" driving retention and graduation rates
  • Reporting and analytical tools for student enrollment, admissions, bottleneck course identification and advising

Building a Secure, Digital Campus

Key IT Programs

  • Administrative Digital Workflows/Processes
  • Campus Safety & Security
  • Simplify Access to Applications with Portal
  • Relocating Disaster Recovery Location

Business Outcomes / Success Metrics

  • Three times the number of automated administrative workflows
  • 99.9% Safety System uptime
  • All SJSU users will set as their forward address in Google Mail
  • CMS Security Request Process complete within three days of the request

Modernizing Academic Technology

Key IT Programs

  • Academic technology continues modernization
  • Enable Boundless Learning

Business Outcomes / Success Metrics

  • Double classroom video endpoints to 100 by 2017
  • 90% of classroom technology will be less than four years old