ITS Recognition Award

Bits and bytes, components and assemblies, and processes and procedures are all part of Information Technology Services. It is with these building blocks that we create the magic for the campus. If one piece is missing or not functioning well, then the code, device, or outcome changes and the solution may falter. ITS management recognizes that without our talented staff, we cannot deliver the service and support that is required by the campus.

Nominate an IT Services Employee for Recognition

The ITS Recognition Award is designed to spotlight the outstanding work achieved by a member or members of ITS. The ITS department provides the opportunity for customers and employees to nominate their co-workers for service activities that enable ITS to improve the services and support of SJSU.

Activities to be considered are outstanding examples of:

  • Customer Service
  • Team Work
  • Agility Through Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Cost Savings
  • Work Ethics that Support ITS Goals
  • or any other extraordinary service

Award Recipients

ITS Recognition award recipients are individuals who exemplify professionalism and a dedication to excellence in service. Nominations should be made for individual(s) who perform above the standard to improve programs, service, quality, or the image of the ITS department. Nominations are submitted online and reviewed by the ITS Leadership team. Recognition awards are presented monthly.

Recipients of an ITS Recognition Award receive:

  • Commendations in their performance review
  • A blog write up on the ITS website (this is optional and is the recipient's decision)

Additionally, recipients of the award may choose one of two options:

  • Lunch with the CIO
  • Gold Card

Award Deadline

The deadline for form submission is the 15th of every month and all nominees are considered for awards.