Technology Focus Groups

Information Technology forms Technology Focus Groups that are discussion groups about a technology or service that is offered by Information Technology and we are looking to improve, therefore we are seeking input from students, faculty and staff to guide the decisions and direction.


The purpose of Technology Focus Groups are to gather input about perceptions, needs, interests about technology IT services, how they're used by the campus community and how they would like to work with technology. Focus group discussions are typically 8-10 people each, and segmented as follows.

  • Discussion meetings with faculty members, representing all eight colleges at SJSU.
  • Discussion meetings with SJSU staff members, representing a cross section of job functions (except technology/IT)
  • Discussions with technology/IT staff members, representing a cross section of job levels, from ATS, CFD, College/Dept IT, and Central Information Technology)
  • Discussion meetings with students, representing a cross section of demographics (majors, on and off campus residency, number of years in school, students clubs, etc.)

Discussions are lead by an Information Technology Director and have at least 1 other Information Technology staff or director facilitating to help gather input and campus community feedback.

Technology Focus Groups Discussions