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User Experience

The User Experience department is a relatively new department within IT Services. Its primary function is to provide a more customer centric approach to our customers (i.e. faculty, staff, students. etc.) and continual service improvements to services that are provided by IT Services. This department has no direct technology responsibility, and was created to act as the liaison between Campus Departments and IT Services. We provide the following to our users:

  • Ongoing assessment of IT Services operational effectiveness and availability of provided services and functions
  • Constant improvement to IT Services, provided services and function as part of increasing customer value
  • Ongoing customer satisfaction assessment and improvement for IT Services provided services and functions
  • Programmatic customer engagement to drive customer satisfaction and improvements
  • Programmatic customer education for IT Services provided services and functions

Our Services

Outreach: A resource for the Campus Community (Faculty, Students & Staff) to reach out to IT Services in regards to their experience with IT Services and the technology on campus. The User Experience department works with Technology Focus Groups for Faculty, Students and Staff to gather information about current perceptions around technology on campus. The goal of these focus groups is to increase engagement levels with technology understanding not implementations.

  • User Feedback: A resource for the Campus Community by providing a neutral environment for Faculty, Students and Staff to provide feedback in regards to Technology on the Campus and IT Services. To contact or provide feedback to the User Experience team please email us at
  • Satisfaction: Applying user feedback and information from the Technology Focus Groups to generate customer satisfaction and ensure continual service improvements within IT Services. This is accomplished by generating a customer satisfaction survey to measure IT Services while monitoring availability and Service Request call levels at the service level.
  • Escalation point of last resort: There times as a user and as an IT organization that the usual channels of support or communications have failed.

ITS Project Office

The mission of the ITS Project Office (PO) is to drive completion of IT Services projects and develop a project management culture (people, systems, and processes) to support IT Services operational activities. The benefit is to consistently and predictably produce a continuous stream of successful projects for IT Services and its customers. This mission is accomplished by achieving the following goals:

  • Achieving Project Management Maturity that produces consistent, high quality projects
  • Providing Project Management Services that directly drive or support project performance and completion
  • Providing IT Project Governance that approves and oversees project performance
  • Providing Project Management Information to support current and future projects

Project Office Services

The combination of project management and information technology experience enables the Project Office to tailor and apply appropriate project management methods and tools to IT related projects. The PO provides the following services to IT Services and its customers' IT projects:

Project Management Standards

The PO recognizes core PM Principals as the foundational principles to support project management efforts in the PO. In addition, the PO has further defined its own processes, terminologies, and activities to best suit the particular needs of IT Services and the University. The PO maintains and updates the standards for project management within IT Services with the approval of the IT Services Leadership Team.

Project Planning

Proper effort in defining and planning a project can be the single most influential predictor for project success. As such, the PO offers project planning services that assist the project owner in the processes and activities necessary to ensure the foundation for a successful project.

Project Assessment

A primary benefit of project management and its standards is improved project performance and success. The PO provides IT project assessment services that will assist the project owner in determining the value of project management for a particular project as well as recommendations for consideration in moving a project forward.

Please visit the Projects page for information on current projects and status of projects.